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This book is dedicated to our comrades who were with us until their last flight.  It is to give to their families, wives and sweethearts some tangible picture of their experiences both pleasant and unpleasant while carrying out their various duties with this Group for their country. Those men shared the grueling work and dangers which helped their Group contribute much to halting the Japanese advance in the Pacific and to the subsequent mounting tide of victories leading to peace.

The 22nd Group has a remarkable and somewhat astonishing history as is shown by our accomplishments. Realizing that each man must carry out his assigned duties regardless of personal choice in order to have a successful organization, I would express here my highest esteem of every man who is new in the Group and to those who were with us while making our mark in the winning of the war.

My contribution has been rather small. When we speak of the past the credit must go to the men who were trained and led by Major Mark Lewis, Colonel Millard Haskin, Colonel Dwight Divine, Lt.-Colonel George Anderson, and Lt.-Colonel Roger Phelan, all of whom I am proud to have served under.

We have many new members in our organization now and they will soon be the ones who will be carrying out the work so excellently started in our new role of Heavy Bombardment. My desire is that this Group will continue to be the most outstanding organization in the South-West Pacific.

Richard W. Robinson
Colonel, A.C.,
Commanding Officer.