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Two years have passed since your organization arrived in this theater and threw its hat confidently into the South-West Pacific ring. They have been years of great achievement, years in which all of us together stemmed the advances of a formidable enemy and began an offensive which is relentlessly driving him back along his road of conquest.

- In years to come you of the 22nd Bombardment - Group will be able to recall with justifiable pride your own participation in the historic stepping-stones of our progress across Papua, up the New Guinea coast, into New Britain and the Admiralty Islands. You will remember your strikes against Rabaul and against Timor. You will wear proudly a distinguished unit badge as public evidence of the honor and distinction deservedly bestowed on you by War Department citation, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed conspicuously to the formation of the fine traditions of the Fifth Air Force.

But let us in the main leave such memories for the future. Right now you have come to a significant turning-point in the history of your organization. You have a greater strength than you have ever had before, and there remains much to be done with it. Use it with the same fine spirit which has characterized your work in the past, and in the months just ahead you will add many memories to the store you already treasure. They will be just as vivid and I am confident you will be no less proud.

Maj. General Ennis C. Whitehead


The loyal and dependable support which all of you have given in the service of the 22nd Bombardment Group is worthy of the highest commendation. It has always been a pleasure for me to know and serve with you; and I only wish that I could have served and known others who were members of this group prior to my assignment in this area.

For a short period after my arrival on foreign duty, the group which I commanded was quartered with the 22nd Bombardment Group. You were most wonderful hosts and certainly gave us invaluable assistance in preparing ourselves for combat. Your enviable record in combat made your help that much more valuable to the pilots and men who were with me.

It is an honor and a privilege to write this little note of appreciation to such a fine organization. You are, and always have been, a great credit to the V Bomber Command, and to the Air Force as a whole.

Colonel J. V. Crabb