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echelons went back to the mainland for transition first and when they returned the 2nd and 408th went to a rear base in New Guinea for their transition. The Group was now under the charge of red-headed Lt.-Col. Richard W. Robinson, former Commanding Officer of the 33rd Squadron, and the "Red Raider" of the B-26 old-timers. The 2nd Squadron finally went to Major George Rath, the 19th to a former 33rd Flight Leader, Major Leonard Nicholson, and the 33rd to Major John Disbro. The 408th was still commanded by Major Rufus O. Miller.

And so on the Group's fourth birthday, Robbie's "Red Raiders" were able to celebrate their latest record-the first Group in the U.S. Army Air Force to fly B-26's, B-25's, and B-24's successively in combat!


In a moment of darkest peril,
In our land's most dire need,
Who answered the call of battle?
Who answered with valorous deed?

Who back at the very beginning
When the odds against us were great,
Who with the other guy winning
Fought back with his hands and his hate?

Who blazed a glorious trail,
In those first dark days of war,
Who first trod the road to victory
And started to even the score?

Who fought from the very beginning
Till the day of victory is reckoned?
These questions are needlessly asked;
It's the FIGHTING 22ND !

~George L. Virgin