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Marauderman’s Name: Robert L. Day
Bomb Group: 386th
Bomb Squadron: 554th
Years in service: 2+ (June 1943- Nov. 1945)
Graduation Class: ?
Class Location: FL
Comments: My dad was engineer-turret gunner and his crew B-26 Marauder Crew:

Pilot: 1st. Lt. James Minnick, Los Angeles, CA
Co-Pilot: 2nd. Lt. Ralph Decker, Indianapolis, IN
Bombardier/Navigator: F/O Martin Kloct, Minneapolis, MN
Engineer/Gunner: Cpl. Robert Day, Arthurdale, WV
Radioman/Waist Gunner: Cpl. Leo Fitzpatrick, Milford, MA
Tail Gunner: Cpl. Walter Brock, Birmingham, AL

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Terry Day


Marauderman’s Name: Horace E. Hodge
Bomb Group: 386
Bomb Squadron: 555
Years in Service: 1942-1945
European Theater, stationed in England, participated in D Day bombing at Utah Beach

I would love any information or photos of my father. -Becky Atkinson


From: James E Bradley
Subject: Seeking Information Re: 1/Lt Edgar Leighton Hale
Message: 1/Lt Edgar Leighton Hale was a B-26 pilot member of 437 Bomb Sq/319 Bomb Gp. He was killed/missing on a mission in North Africa on 17 April 1943. I have service number of O-727213 and another number 17028663 (this latter I don’t know what it is). I am trying to help the family close out his life. Any information on Edgar would be Welcome. James E Bradley, Lt Col USAF (Retired)

There was no MACR raised since the bodies were recovered.
17th April 1943 41-17819 crashed seventy five miles from Oujda on a test flight. The crew were killed in the crash.

Crew: 1.Lt John H Minter; 1.Lt Edgar L Hale; M/Sgt Jack B Rickard.
Trevor Allen historian


From: Paul Lewis
Subject: Missing person
Message: My biological father, Joseph Wright, was stationed at Barksdale and flew a B26. Having been shot down behind enemy lines he was severely injured. He was taken prisoner and treated at a Nazi POW hospital.  He returned in a  prisoner exchange in NY Harbor. Soon after returning home he divorced my mother and left us. I have had no contact since. We believe he settled in the Spokane area. I would appreciate any update information you might have especially his traumatic wartime experience. Thanks in anticipation of any information, leads, or suggestions you might have.


From: Thomas Lerman
Subject: B-26 Bomber
Message Body: I have a cousin that was KIA as a bombardier / navigator of a B-26 in WWII. I have been in communication with you folks before about him. My questions now are about the aircraft, etc. From what it appears, it was his first flight on that particular aircraft. It had flown a pretty fair number of missions mostly with the regular crew. It almost seems that the regular crew mostly flew, but were given sleep breaks while other crews flew. How did all that work? Do you know which museums around the USA have B-26s in their collection? I would love to go see one. From what I understand, the bombardier / navigator was located in the belly of the plane. How did the various crew members get to their position in the aircraft?


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