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Saturday, May 27, 1944 - 386th Bomb Group Mission Number 183:

Headquarters II Bomber Command
APO 140 U.S. Army, June 6, 1944
201-1st Lt. Hogg, Gordon, S. (0)

Subject: Commendation.

To 1st Lt. Gordon S. Hogg.
552nd Bombardment Squadron,
386th Bombardment Group (M)

I desire to commend you for your soldierly resourcefulness while participating on a combat operational mission on May 27, 1944. Your aircraft was subjected to intense accurate enemy anti-aircraft fire which rendered the hydraulic system inoperative and punctured the discharge line to the right auxiliary tank. Your plane was hit repeatedly and you were wounded in the leg by a piece of flak. Following "bombs away," when you reported to the pilot the leaking gasoline discharge line, you displayed outstanding initiative in order to prevent any further loss of fuel. Your quick thinking in putting to use the supply of chewing gum to repair the punctured line is indicative of alertness and self reliance. High praise is due you for your soldierly deportment and sturdiness of character you exhibited on this occasion.

Samuel B. Anderson
Brigadier General, US. Army Air Corps

Chester P. Klier
Historian, 386th Bomb Group

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