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July 14, 2000

Dear Friends:

Just a few lines to update you on my latest adventure. On July 12th I was invited to the Missouri State Capitol for a House Bill signing. I arrived there about 12:45 P.M. The signing would take place at 2:00 P.M. Katy Armstrong the assistant to my district representative, gave me a personal tour of the Capitol Building—the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber, also the Museum. I was introduced to several house members and senate members, and was shown the library. Also met the Capitol Historian.

The Capitol is located 122 miles west of St. Louis. My purpose for being there was to witness the signing of bill which would authorize a special license plate to honor the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal. During World War Two I was awarded two DFC’s. I asked if such a bill could be passed depicting that medal. My Representative Lana Ladd Stokan as well as Senator John Schneider thought it was a great idea, and they put the plan in motion. I was asked by the motor vehicular department to produce a design for the plate and submit it to them. That department sent the design out to a vendor, I will be receiving a sample in a few days for my approval. Then the vendor will fabricate the plate. It will be available to me as of August 28th.

Now a few words about the design: At the top will be printed MISSOURI, at the bottom the words DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS. The DFC medal will be shown full size at the left side, left center to right side will read in large print, 2XDFC. Lower left corner shows month of registration and the lower right corner shows current year. The ribbon of the medal is in its regular red, white and blue colors. The medal medallion portion will be shown in dull gold color. All printing will be red and black on a white background.

Back to the signing—I was standing at the left elbow of Governor Mel Carnahan as he signed the bill, then he stood up, clipped his pen onto the bill and handed it to me, shook my hand and that was that! All the while cameras were flashing, I was told I would be sent some of the photos. The end of a perfect day!

Chester P. Klier

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July 12, 2000 - Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan and Chester Klier at the Missouri State Capitol during the signing of a House Bill. It authorized an automobile license plate honoring the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal. Less than three months later, the Governor, his son and an aide were all killed in an airplane crash. The Governor at that time was on a campaign tour for the position of U.S. Senator. Their twin engine plane crashed as a result of flight instrument system failure, while being operated in extremely foul weather conditions.


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The Distinguished Flying Cross license plate as seen mounted on my car.


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