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Wednesday, November 3, 1943--386th B.G. Mission No. 37. Target: Airdrome, located at Amsterdam Schiphol, Holland. "BUZZ-N-BITCH II" 131953 RG-T piloted by Lt. Ansel Brandstrom as four 1,000 pound bombs are unleashed on the target at 1552 hours. Armando Madeira 552 BS, 386th BG.  Air Combat Photographer shown at his waist window position.  He flew 50 missions with 22 different pilots.  He made hundreds of air shots, also took photos of crews posing with their aircraft. He was credited for saving the life of Lieutenant John Bryant on 386th Group Mission Number 142.

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With a piece of chalk, Hollywood Movie Actress Loretta Young has just autographed the nose of a brand new Martin B-26 Bomber. Shown with her in center is Staff Sergeant C.E. Cyford; at right is Tech Sergeant A.P. Bonnicksen.  The location was Selfridge Field, Michigan, April 1943.  The ship 131624 YA-S was a 386th BG ship assigned to Lt. M.O. Elling.  Crew was on its way to England.  An Air Force Artist over-painted Loretta Young’s signiture.   The aircraft carried her name into combat on July 31, 1943.

October 23, 1943 - 386th Bomb Group

Back Row: All men are unidentified. Front Row: Second from left, Arthur Carroll Wright

Unidentified personnel from the 386th Bomb Sight Section are shown outside the bomb sight building. Note bars on the window. This crew had the responsibility of maintaining the Norden Bomb Sights used by the 386th Group lead and deputy lead aircraft.

If you know the names of any of these individuals please let us know.

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