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Wing Leader Lt./Col. F. Cole flying by in his Spitfire DN-N from Czech 310 Squadron.
He was killed in an air accident in Czechoslovakia a short time after the war ended.

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May 13, 1982: Fantisek Fajtl signing his book
"Remembrances of Fallen Commanders"

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Some friendly faces from behind those Spitfire windshields: Left to right in front of Frantisek Fajtl's Spitfire RY-F. Flt. Leader O. Kucera, "B" Flight Commander. Sqdn. Leader F. Fajtl, CO of Czech 313 Squadron. Flt Leader A. Hochmal, "A" Flight Commander. They led the close escort on 386th BG Mission Number 48 on December 1, 1943.

Spitfire RY-S Czechoslovakian 313 Squadron begins to taxi out for a combat sweep.

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