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Lt. William C. Stuckey, Pilot,
394th Bomb Group, 587th Squadron

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Lt. Bill Stuckey at his "luxury" quarters, Venlo, Holland. Summer, 1945.

Cadet William C. Stuckey, Jr., Class 44D,
taken in Basic Flight School, San Angelo,
Texas, December 1943.

This photo shows part of the graduating class of 44D at Lubbock, Texas, April 15, 1944.

B-26 on hard stand, getting checkover.

This photo shows Lt. Stuckey and crew
loading bombs and checking aircraft just
prior to flying a mission.

Crew of 2nd Lt. William Stuckey, Lake Charles, LA., November 1944. From left to right they are Lt. William Stuckey, Pilot; F/O John Elliot, Co-Pilot; F/O John Rakolta, Bombardier/Navigator; Cpl. Norman Spotts, Engineer/Gunner; Cpl. Earl Petrie, Radio/Gunner; James Smith, Armorer/Gunner.

This crew arrived at the 394th Bomb Group, 587th Squadron at Cambrai, France in late February 1945.  In the last one and one-half months before V-E Day, with the exception of Flight Officer Rakolta (who was replaced by an enlisted togglier), they started in approximately one-third of the missions flown by the 394th, completing 17 successful drops on the target, flying one mission as a spare, aborting one mission due to mechanical failure, and flying two group call-back missions due to troop movements and target changes.

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"Nose Art" and one of my friends.

Kitzingen, Germany after the move from Venlo
in the late summer, 1945.  Left to right:
Lt. Louis Zuefle and Bill Stuckey.

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Co-Pilot, John Elliott, as seen from the nose
of the aircraft by the bombardier.

Lt. Bill Stuckey as "Officer Of The Day" at Tuilln Air Force Base, 60 miles east of Vienna, Austria, and deep in the Russian Occupational Zone.  When the 387th Squadron of the 394th Bomb Group was deactivated in September, 1945, Lt. Stuckey was reassigned to Tulln AFB.  There he was given the job of Post Quartermaster Officer as his primary duty.  He continued in this job until returning to the USA in July, 1946.

Life in the Woods, Venlo, Holland.  Left to right: Bill Stuckey (back to camera), Bob Norton (sitting on ground), Joe Wabalus, and Hank Chouteau with the camera.

Venlo, Holland.  Lt. Louis Zuefle with a
"liberated" German vehicle.

Remains of German aircraft, Tulln AFB,
near Vienna, Austria.

German Stuka Dive Bomber, Tulln AFB,
near Vienna, Austria.

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