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R. (Bob) Leo Carden
17th Bomb Group, 37th Bomb Squadron

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T/Sgt Bob Carden (Robert Leo Carden. EdD ) Born 4-19-1925 (1st Tactical Air Force 17th Bomb Group 37th Bomb Sqd.)
Entered Service July 14 1943
Basic Training Miami, FL.
Radio Operator Mechanic School Sioux Falls, SD.
Gunnery School Yuma, AZ.
Flight Crew Training Lake Charles LA.
My crew flew a B-26-G from West Palm Beach, FL. to England by the Southern Route, and then from England to Dijon France. After arriving in England I saw my brother Allen, he came over on a ship. We took RTU together at Lake Charles. He was assigned to a B-26 group in the 9th' Air Force 397 Bomb Group and flew from Venlo Holland. 1st Lt Robert Grubb was his pilot.
I was assigned to the 17th Bomb Group, 37th Bomb Sqd. And flew 36 mission from Dijon, France. After the end of the war, 1 was assigned to the 9"' Air Force 344Bomb Group, Flornnes-R-78 and later to Schleissheim R-75.Sailed for the USA from Marseille, France 11/14/1945 on the "Sea Owl". Discharged 12/13/1945 at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.1-lighest Grade held Tec. Sgt. as stated on my discharge papers.
January 1946 I entered Southern Nazarene University, Bethany Oklahoma. Received my AB degree, Chemistry/Math major in 1950. While in college I married Reba E. West in Poteau Oklahoma, Reba's and my hometown on August 31 1947. We have three sons and two Grandsons. Later I received my MS degree from the University of Arkansas and my Doctors Degree, I EdD from Oklahoma State University. The EdD degree was in Adult and Occupational Education Administration.
I taught Chemistry and Math, for several years, at the High School and College levels. 1 worked as a Chemist for CONOCO and was awarded 5 Patents for research conducted there. For 17 years I was Director of a Technology Center at El Reno, Oklahoma: The Center served 6 Counties in Central Oklahoma. I retired in 1986 and keep busy buying and selling Antiques and Collectables, enjoying our Grandkids and occasionally visit our lake cabin. I also sell on E-bay auction.
Bob Carden

Bob Carden and his wife, Reba West Carden. (2005)

Bob Carden in Belgium 1945

My brother was in a B-26 group, 9th Air Force, 397th BG. 1st Lt. Robert Grabb was pilot of his crew. At home on leave we took RTU at Lake Charles also gunnery basic and Yuma together.

Tilly, Bob Carden, Adank (Herbert J Adank?) outside of our tent at Dijon.

Ground crew working on a B-26 in 1945

Bob Carden and Tilly (Lowell R. Tillet?) outside out tent at Dijon.  Bob on right. 1944-1945

Bob Carden.  Tent City - our living quarters at Dijon - just a little R&R here.

37th BG, 95th BS Headquarters at Dijon

A-26 Schleissheim 1945
Schlei▀heim, Munich, Germany

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