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Delbert F. Kretschmar, Engineer/Gunner
474 Bomb Squadron, 335th Bomb Group
95th Bomb Squadron 17th Bomb Group

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Name: Kretschmar Delbert F. Rank: Sgt Branch: AAF Station: Barksdale Fld, La. Organization assigned: 3rd III Bomber group 335th 474th Present Rating & Date: Eng Gunner.

EAME Theater Ribbon with 3 Bronze Stars per WD GO #33/45; Good Conduct Ribbon; Air Medal with 9 Oak Leaf Clusters per GO's #194, 195, 202, 211, 222, 236, 244, & 250, HQ 12th AF 44; GO 76, 1st TAC 45; Distingusted Unit Citation GO #179; HQ 12th.

Months: June 1944 Rank: Sgt., Air Corps. Group: 17th Bombardment Group (M) Aero Ratings: Eng.-Gunner Organization-assigned: 95th Bomb Sqdrn (M) Station: APO # 650 Date: 6 Duty: E Mission Symbol: T Bomb: 1:00 Aircraft Model Symbol: B-26C16 Number of landings: 1 Remarks: Secret.

The following is taken from a list of 60 missions.

Mission Date Time Target
1 8 June 1944 3:55 Castigliane Fiorentina H/W Bridge, Italy
2 13 June 1944 3:35 Two (2) Boats in Leghorn Harbor, Italy
3 17 June 1944 3:40 Visembra Railroad Bridge, Italy.

Flight Log:

June 8 No. 1
"First mission was kind of scared and nervous with Lt. Patriski and Pendleton. Little Flak and was a milk run. Hit target. Target was Fermignando Tiber R.R. River Bridge. Ship. No. 55"

June 13 No. 2
"Mission Two ships at Leghorn. Hit target with little Flak. Lt. Webster. Ship No. 60"

June 17 No 3
"Mission Riminni a railroad bridge. Dry run. was cloudy. Pilot was House and had the whole crew except Rodger. Ship 66"

June 29-44 No 4
"Mission was ammunition Dump. Place was La Spezia. Dry run. Bombay doors wouldn't open. Crew was Lt. Dorothy and Lt. Guilds. Grippo and Stephens, Lewis Plenty Flak but was very inaccurate. Ship 63"

Nov. 7 No 42
"Mission was a troop concentration at Forli, Italy. Was front lines. Had a little flak. Crew was Lt.'s Lindberg, Miller, EM. was Caton, Reecha, Cargieme and me. Bombs was frags. 20 Bombs Altitude was 9,600 ft. Was my first mission in a B-26G. Don't like the ships. was rough as hell flying. Morning mission. Ship 63"

Nov-10 No. 44
"Mission was a railroad Bridge at Alio, Italy. Was a failure. to cloudy. Couldn't see target. Was colder than hell. 18 degrees below zero. was a milk run no flak. Crew was Lt. House, Pendleton Carter, E.M. Resnick, Baty, Gualt was Photo and myself. Bombs were 500#. one a delayed fuse was salvaged in the Med. Sea. Morning mission. Ship 58"

Jan. 16 No. 53
"Mission was barracks and supplies at Bitche, Germany. France. Plenty of flak. 39th Lost lead ship. Didn't drop for that reason. Crew was Lt. Hillesmier, Mueller and Bellifuis. EM. Hughes, Rallis, Walker P.H. and me Bombs were 100# and had 30. afternoon mission. Wasn't very cold. Pendleton bellied a ship in. No 27 Joe Griz was with him. Ship 64"

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