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The original message received stated that Delbert F Kretschmer was with the 335th Bomb Group, 474th Bomb Squadron at Gulf Port (Lake Charles) La. It was also stated that he was an engineer gunner and that he had flown combat missions. The 335th Bomb Group was part of the 3rd Air Force, USA based training organization, tasked with providing replacement crews to combat groups overseas. 

Our reply was that the 335th Bomb Group was a Stateside training group and that he could not have flown combat missions with this unit. We asked for further information so that we could establish his combat unit. We then received the two documents that proved that he had completed his combat missions with the 95th Bomb Squadron 17th Bomb Group flying from Sardinia, Corsica and Dijon. The 17th Bomb Group was a combat unit operating under the control of the 42nd Bomb Wing and subsequently 1st Tactical Air Force.


* Two (2) documents merged together. 1- Official mission report showing mission number, date, total flight time from take off to landing and the target. 2- Mr. Kretschmar's mission diary, printed out long hand in a small shirt pocket sized note book. The combination of two documents of this type is very rare for any Martin B-26 Marauder bomb group or squadron. Before these two documents surfaced, this squadron was "known" as a training group that never left the States. Thanks to Mr. Kretschmar we now know otherwise.

95th Bombardment Squadron (M) AAF
17th Bombardment Group (M) AAF
APC 374

1 April 1945

Subject: Combat Missions and Combat Operational Hours.

TO: Whom it may concern.

1. I certify that Tactical Sergeant Delbert F. Kretschmar, ASN #, a member of this organization, has completed sixty (60) combat missions and two hundred sixty-four and one-twelfth (264.05) combat operational hours, as indicated below:

Mission Date Flight Time Target
1 9 June 1944 3:55 Castiglione Fiorentina H/W Bridge, Italy

First mission was kind of scared and nervous with Lt. Patriski and Pendleton. Little Flak and was a milk run. Hit target. Target was Fermignando Tiber R.R. River Bridge. Ship. No. 55

2 13 June 1944 3:35 Two (2) Boats in Leghorn Harbor, Italy

No. 2 | June-13 | Ship-60
Mission: two ships at Leghorn. Hit target with little flak Lt. Webster.

3 17 June 1944 3:40 Visembra Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 3 | June 17-1944 | Ship-66
Mission Riminni a railroad bridge dry run. was to cloudy. Pilot was House and had the whole crew except Rodger.

4 29 June 1944 4:20 La Spezia Ammo Factory & Dump, Italy

No. 4 | June 29-44 | Ship-63
Mission was ammunition dump. Place was La Spezia dry run bombay doors wouldn't open. Crew was Lt. Dorothy and Lt. Guilds. Grippo & Stephens, Lewis. Plenty flak but was inaccurate.

5 6 July 1944 4:35 Alulla Ammo Plant, Italy

No. 5 | July-6 | Ship-59
Mission was ammunition factory. Place was Alulla. Dry run no bombs dropped. was cloudy. no flak or nothing. Crew was House, Carter, Heller, Popiel and myself.

6 7 July 1944 5:00 Collechio Ammo Dump, Italy

No. 6 | July - 7 | Ship 60
Mission was to ammunition factory, and storage. Place was North East or La Spazia. Hit target and was Big Explosion. Hit Target Had No Flak. Crew was - House, Yandon, Stepenosky, Heller, Popiel and myself.

7 11 July 1944 4:15 Ronco Sorivia Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 7 | July-11 | Ship-66
Mission was a railroad bridge at Ronco Scriva . Dry run no bombs dropped cloudy overcast. no flak. fly was rough as hell. crew was Lt. Yandow, Lt. Pendleton, Steppy, Heller, Popiel and myself.

8 16 July 1944 4:45 PO/Torrebereti Rd & RR Bridge, Italy

No. 8 | July-16 | Ship-70
Mission was a river bridge a Torreberetti. Bombs dropped and hit target. Just a little flak. Crew House, Lamperty, Carter, Heller, Popiel and myself. Looking for No. 9.

9 19 July 1944 4:50 Piacenza Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 9 | July-19 | Ship-71
Mission was a railroad bridge at Piacenza. 2000# bombs were dropped from 12000ft. Hit target. No flak and was colder than Hell. Crew was House, Lamperty, Carter, Popiel, Wager and myself. Was an afternoon mission.

10 23 July 1944 4:40 Antomassi  Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 10 | July - 23 | Ship-51
Mission was railroad bridge at Anotmassi. 1000# bombs on target, no flak, it was a milk run. Crew was House, Lamperty, Maser, Popiel, Heller, Childs was photo and myself. Altitude was 10,600 ft.

11 26 July 1944 4:35 Ronco Sorivia Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 11 | July - 26 | Ship-59
Mission was railroad bridge and tunnel at Ronco Sorivia. No flak and was a milk run. Crew was House, Pendleton, Carter, Popiel, Topper and myself. 2000# bombs were dropped. Altitude was 10,000 ft.

12 30 July 1944 4:40 Ovado Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 12 | Ship-61
Mission was a railroad bridge at Avado. No flak mission was a milk run. Had two bomb runs on target, Pendleton was first Pilot. was glad to see him do so. House was Co-Pilot. Carter, Popiel, Topper and myself. Bombs were 1000# altitude was 10,600 ft.

13 3 August 1944 4:30 Lerens Road Bridge, France

No. 13 | Aug-3 | Ship-62
Mission was road bridge a Coarze. Was my first raid on France target was was north of Nice. No flak was milk run had Spits cover. Crew Lt. Dott, Padgett, Carter, Popiel, Heller and me. Hit Target with 1000# bombs altitude 10,000 ft.

14 5 August 1944 5:10 Tarason Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 14 | Aug. 6 | Ship-66
Mission was railroad bridge at Tarason France. No flak or fighters was a milk run Crew was Lts. Stower, Hilinier, Carter, Popiel, Heller, and myself. Bombs were 2000# might have hit target. Altitude was 10,600 ft. was an afternoon mission.

15 9 August 1944 5:35 Pergamo Airdrome, Italy

No-15 | Aug-9 | Ship-58
Mission was an air field at Bergamo Seriate, Italy. Was moderate flak and fairly accurate, Ship 51 was shot down. Saw 4 chutes open. Crew was Lts. Jacobsons, Dott, Hatton, Popiel, Heller and myself. Bombs were 250# altitude was 9,600 ft. 319th lost a ship on way home. out of gas.

16 15 August 1944 4:05 Invasion Area Gun Positions, France

No-16 | Aug-15 | Ship-69
Invasion in France. Mission was guns at Nice and Marcia. Little flak and was inaccurate was a early morning mission took off in dark. saw a 319th ship crash into mountain crew was Lt. Petricsk, Cowen, Fitzgibbons, Popiel, myself. Cpt. Bradford flew with us. Bombs were 500# dry run no bombs dropped too cloudy. Saw lots of ships of all kind.

17 16 August 1944 3:45 Invasion Area Gun Positions, France

No-17 | Aug-16 | Ship-67
Mission was guns at South of Toulon. France. Mission was ok. Little flak and was inaccurate. crew was Lts. Hamblen, Dott, FO Glass Bombardier Fitzgibbons, Lintz and myself. Bombs were 2000# was an afternoon mission.

18 17 August 1944 3:00 St. Julienne Railroad Viaduct, Italy

No-18 | Aug-17 | Ship-59
Mission was bridge at St.Julien R.R. Bridge. Little flak and was a milk run. Lead ships sight went out so we took the lead. Crew was Lts. Hilderbrand, Enbauch, Williams, Grippo myself and Mc-Aloon was photo. Bombs were 1000# was a morning mission Altitude 9,800 ft.

19 24 August 1944 4:25 Castel Del Rio Road Bridge, Italy

No. 19 | Aug. 24 | Ship-58
Mission was road bridge at Castle Del Rio, Italy. Mission was milk run had no flak, crew was Lts. Duensing, Ringo, Horn, Lintz and myself. Lead Ship. Bombs were 1000# altitude was 11,300 ft. was a morning mission.

20 26 August 1944 4:00 Gun Positions St. Marseilles, France

No.20 | Aug-26 | Ship-59
Mission was gun positions at Marseilles, France. Mission was milk run. Had little flak. Crew was Lts. Loard, Mueller, Mcllon, Draper, Chetvza and myself. Bombs were 2000# Altitude was 10,600 ft. was a morning run. Didn't drop bombs had a rack malfunction was in No. 4 position.

21 28 August 1944 5:35 Villa France Airdrome, Italy

No. 21 | Aug-28 | Ship-66
Mission was an air field at Villafranca di Verona, IT. Mission was a success had a good bomb pattern. Plenty of flak. No ships were hit Ship 64 turned off target. engine trouble. 65 covered. Crew was Lts. Huey, Vanfleet, & Bourrows. E.M. was Bachman, Broogh and me. Bombs were frags. Had l0. Altitude 10,000 ft. morning mission. Ship-65 crashed a Corsica nose gear broke.

22 29 August 1944 6:40 Ponte di Piave Railroad Bridge, Italy

No-22 | Aug-29 | Ship-58
Mission was a railroad bridge at Ponte di Piave Italy. Mission was a milk run. Landed at Rome for gas on way home. No flak. Crew was Lts. Frazer, Shoeps, Brady, Nelson, Lints Resnick and me. Bombs were 1000# hit target, morning mission, altitude 10,800 ft.

23 31 August 1944 6:15 Bridge E. of Terraro, Italy

No. 23 | Aug-31 | Ship-60
Mission was railroad bridge at Poleslla was a failure. Didn't drop bombs. Had a little flak and was accurate. Ship 52 was damaged bad. Landed in Italy. Ships stayed overnight couldn't get gas. Crew was Lts. House, Horn, Carter. EM. Grippo, Drapper and myself. Bombs were 1000#. Landed a Cecina for gas.

24 4 Sept 1944 5:05 Vigevago Rd & RR Bridge, Italy

No. 24 | Sept.4 | Ship-59
Mission was a rail and road bridge at Vigevano was milk run no flak. hit target crew was Lts. Hilderbrandt, Lindsay, Williams. Crew of EM was new men. Bombs were 1000#. Schirato left the next morning, sure will miss the old Sardo.

25 11 Sept 1944 4:30 San Pietro Buildings & Troops, Italy

No. 25 | Sept-11 | Ship-52
Mission was troop concentration at S. Pietro Italy. Just over the Gothic Lines. Little flak and we did not drop bombs. crew was Lts. Hilderbrandt. Henphill, Willaims, Hardy and Hughes, Morrision and myself. Bombs were 120# frags. Couldn't find target. Morning mission.

26 12 Sept 1944 4:10 Firenzula Buildings & Troops, Italy

No. 26 | Sept. 12 | Ship-60
Mission was troop concentration and Headquarters at Firenzula. Just over the Gothic Lines. Little flak and was milk run. Dropped bombs and was a good pattern. Crew was Lts. Loard, Horn and Gunnels, Hughes and myself, Bombs was frags. Dropped at 10,800 ft. morning mission.

27 14 Sept 1944 4:10 Pictromala Defense Positions

No. 27 | Sept-14 | Ship-58
Mission was troop concentration at Mt. Oggioli over Gothic Lines. Crew was Lts. Hilderbrandt, Williams, Hardy & Nemstiel, Lintz, Hughes and me. Was a milk run only one burst of flak. Bombs were frags. Altitude was 10,800 ft. was a morning mission.

28 17 Sept 1944 4:40 Piaconza Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 28 | Sept-17 | Ship-62
Mission was a railroad bridge at Piscenza, Italy. Just East of Miliano. Crew was Lts Goietlif, Lincoln, Glass EM. Lintz, Hughes and myself. Little flak and was accurate. Altitude was 11,000 Bombs were #1000# morning mission.

29 18 Sept 1944 6:20 Pizzighettane Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 29 | Sept-18 | Ship-60
Mission was a railroad bridge at Pizzighettone east of Pieza. was a milk run. no flak. crew was Lts. Vanfleet, Echbach, EM. Bauchman, Kozloski, and me. Stopped at Corsica for gas. on way home our field was closed. went to Algerio for gas. was ready to bail out. lack of fuel. bombs were 1000# altitude 17,000 ft. Hit Target. Morning mission and took all day.

30 23 Sept 1944 3:10 Palazzola Railroad Bridge, Italy
No. 30. | Sept-23 | Ship-56
Mission was a railroad bridge a Palazzola, Italy. was a milk run. no flak and had two bomb runs. was my first mission from Corsica. Crew was Lts. Duensing, Horn, Ringo, Hardy. EM Aultman and myself. Only two gunners on our ship. Altitude was 10,300 ft. Bombs 1000#. Morning Mission.

31 26 Sept 1944 3:20 Oatiglia Railroad Bridge, Italy

No. 31 | Sept. 26 | Ship.68
Mission was a Pontoon Bridge a Ostigalia Italy. was a rough mission and plenty of flak. ships No.55 and 63 bellied in. no one hurt very bad. crew was Lts. Schoops, Roseman, Tensi, Bellflies. EM. Daley and myself. Bombs were 500# was morning mission. Altitude 9,800 ft. Mahler was in 55.

32 1 Oct 1944 3:40 Erta Fuel Dump, Italy

No.32 | Oct.1 | Ship 65
Mission was a fuel dump at Erba, Italy. Was a milk run. No flak. crew was Lts. House, Hillesmier, Carter. E.M. Flaherty, Walker, and myself. Bombs were 100# carried 30 bombs. hit target had a rack mishap. 14 bombs returned. Altitude 10,900 ft. Morning Mission.

33 3 Oct 1944 4:20 Norvesa D' Battaglia Fuel Dump, Italy

No.33 | Oct.3 | Ship.56
Mission was a fuel dump at Nervesa, Italy. was a milk run had a few burst of flak. Crew was Lts. Duensing, Mesnick, Ringo, and Bellfoss. EM was Hughes and myself. Mission was late morning mission. Didn't drop as Ringo slipped up. Bombs were 250# had 14 bombs. Altitude 11,600 ft.

34 12 Oct 1944 4:10 Road Bridge S. of Balogna, Italy

No.34 | Oct.12 | Ship.56
Mission was a railroad bridge at Bologna, Italy. Didn't drop bombs target was covered over. Plenty of flak. made two runs on the target. crew was Lts. Loard, Nesnick, McCallon, Bellfoss. EM was Hart and myself. Afternoon mission. was stand by all morning. Bombs were 1000# altitude was 9,800 ft.

35 13 Oct 1944 2:45 Road Bridge S. of Balogna, Italy

No.35 | Oct-13 | Ship-60
Mission was a railroad bridge at Bologna, Italy. Mission was a failure for Bad weather. Was a milk run. no flak. crew was Lts. Loard, Nesnick, Hardy and McCallon. E.M was Hughes and myself. Bombs were 500# had eight bombs. was Friday-13th good luck day.

36 18 Oct 1944 3:10 Dolce Fuel Dump, Italy

No.36 | Oct.18 | Ship-59
Mission was a mountain railroad pass. we didn't drop as target was covered over. crew was Lts. Roseman, Gottlieb, Purdy. EM was Green and myself. Mission was an afternoon mission. Bombs were 500# Altitude 10,700 ft. saw plenty of snow capped mountains. Mission was at Caprino, Italy.

37 20 Oct 1944 3:50 Weather Reconnaissance, Bologna, Italy

No.37 | Oct.20 | Ship-62
Mission was a railroad fill at Dolce. Mission was a milk run, no flak. we have fighters in our target area. Dropped Bombs were dropped and hit target. Crew was Lts. Tandow, Huey, Purdy, EM. was Calkings, Bachman and me. Ship-42 of 37th SQD blew up on the runway. we landed at 319th field. Bombs were 500# Altitude 10,400 ft. Afternoon mission.

38 31 Oct 1944 4:20 Narvasa Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.38 | Oct.31 | Ship-59
Mission was a railroad bridge. at Neversa. Italy. Little flak and a few holes. Crew was House, Lincoln, Carter, Hughes, Lintz, and me. Had a photo man Leah and some goof from Hgt. Bombs were 500# hit target. Altitude was 10,600 ft. Colder than hell. was on the Adriatic.

39 4 Nov 1944 3:35 Calliana Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.39 | Nov.4 | Ship.65
Mission was a railroad bridge a Rovereta. Mission was a milk run with no flak. Crew was Lts. House, Gottlieb, Carter. E.M Musso, Barber and myself. Bomds were 1000# was a morning mission. saw plenty of snow on the mountain tops. Altitude was 10,600 ft. Morning mission.

40 5 Nov 1944 4:00 Malta D' Livenza Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.40 | Nov.5 | Ship-60
Mission was a road bridge at Motta di Liveno, Italy. was a milk run. Had seven bursts of flak. crossed Italy to the Adriatic side. Crew was Lts. Burnett, Addy. Bombardier was McAurthur, Rollins, Aultman and myself. Bombs were 1000# scored several hits. Altitude was 10,400 ft. left engine cut out on Bomb run. 320th lost three ships to fighters.

41 6 Nov 1944 3:00 Ala Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.41 | Nov.6 | Ship.56
Mission was a railroad bridge at Anastia, Italy. was a milk run no flak or fighters. Crew was Lts. Duensing, Dott, Ringo and Purdy. EM was Hart, Leal and myself. Bombs were 1000#. Altitude was 10,400 ft. Hit Target. Plenty of ships was near the target. P47, Spitz and P51s. Morning Mission.

42 7 Nov 1944 3:35 Torli Troop Concentration, Italy

No.42 | Nov.7 | Ship-63
Mission was a Troop concentration at Forli, Italy. Was front lines. Had a little flak. Crew was Lts. Lindberg, Miller. EM. was Caton, Reecha, Cargiene and me. Bombs were frags 20 Bombs. Altitude was 9,600ft. Was my first mission in B-26G. Don't like the ships. was rough as hell flying. Morning mission.

43 8 Nov 1944 3:40 Callanio Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.43 | Nov.8 | Ship.58
Mission was a railroad bridge at Rovereto, Italy on the Brenner Pass. Was a milk run no flak or fighters. Crew was Lts. Duensing, Burnett, Ringo, Gridelli. EM Hughes, Cargiene and me. Bombs were 1000# Altitude 11,600 ft. air was rough as hell. Ship 66 hit air pocket so rough it broke the bomb racks. Morning Mission.

44 10 Nov 1944 3:10 San Margherita E. Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.44 | Nov-10 | Ship.58
Mission was railroad bridge at Alio, Italy. Was a failure to to cloudy. Couldn't see target. was colder than hell. 18 degrees below zero. was a milk run no flak. crew was Lts. House, Pendleton, Carter, EM. Resnick, Baty, Gault was photo and myself. Bombs were 500# one a delayed fuse was salvoed in the Med. Sea. Morning Mission.

45 11 Nov 1944 4:30 Ora Railroad Bridge, Italy

No.45 | Nov.11 | Ship-61
Was air spare and filled in. mission was a railroad bridge at Ora, Italy. Mission was kind of rough. Had flak four times. Crew was Lts. Guild, Morgan. EM. was Caton was Bombardier, Bauchman, Gargiene and myself. Bombs were 1000# Altitude 10,800 ft. Fine way to celebrate Armistice Day. Morning Mission.

46 1 Dec 1944 2:45 Breisach Railroad Bridge, Germany


No.46 | Dec.1 | Ship-58
Mission was a Bridge on the Rhine River. First mission from France on Germany. Flak was heavy slight and accurate. all ships had holes. Didn't drop because of overcast. Crew was Lts. Padgett, Horn, Burroughs, Gardelli. EM. Vlach, Kostant and me. Col. Perwin flew with us. Altitude was 11,800 ft. Bombs 1000#

47 10 Dec 1944 3:25 Breisach Railroad Bridge, Germany

No.47 | Dec.10 | Ship. 60
Mission was a railroad bridge at Breisach Germany. Didn't drop as target was covered over. Moderate flak and was accurate. Had a big hole shot in my turret. Crew was Lts. Lindsey, Lincoln, Dettle, EM. Holmes, Drapper, Walker and me. Bombs were 1000# Morning Mission. Got the piece of flak that broke my turret.

48 14 Dec 1944 3:35 Otterbach Defense Positions, Germany

No.48 | Dec. 14 | Ship-72
Mission was Pill Boxes and tank traps on the Siegfried Line. Didn't drop as target was covered over. No flak or fighters. Crew was Lts. Watson. Sorrells, Rawson. EM Martenuk, Walker and me. Bombs were 1000# two ships crashed on runway. Had a dry run yesterday in ship 67 left engine was missing 432 had a ship blow up on take off. Five guys got out.

49 23 Dec 1944 5:00 Neckarelz Railroad Bridge, Germany

No.49 | Dec. 23 | Ship.54
Mission was a railroad bridge at Neekars, Germany. Cloudy over target and didn't drop. on way home was jumped by fighters. ME. 109s. 40 fighters. They got one of our ships No.73 I saw three chutes come out. we got five fighters. salvoed our bombs. Plenty of flak and was a rough mission. Crew was Lts. Stowers, Denison, EM. Comerford, Cole, Tuttle and me. Morning mission. Bombs 1000#

50 24 Dec 1944 3:15 Sangen Railroad Bridge, Germany

No.50. | Dec.24 | Ship.59
Mission was a bridge at four miles from Swiss Border. Was jumped by fighters. They got three of the 37ths ships. No chutes. Dropped bombs on Rhine River bridge. Crew was Lts. Zimmerman, Burnett, Glass, EM. Bachman, Davis and me. Davis claimed an ME.109. Plenty of flak and plenty of boys were wounded.

51 30 Dec 1944 4:00 Oaa Town Storage & Supplies, Germany

No.51 | Dec.30 | Ship.-69
Mission was a supply depot at OOS Germany. Was a wing mission. Hit Target and saw big fires and explosions. Crew was Lts. Nenstiels, Sorre;ls. EM. Caton, Weager, Bass and me. Mission was milk run no flak or fighters. Had plenty of P47 escorts. Bombs were 500# Altitude 15,000 ft. Plenty Cold. Morning Mission.

52 2 Jan 1945 3:35 Thaleischweiler Barrarks & Supplies, Germany

JAN. 45

No-52 | Jan.2 | Ship-62
Mission was a supply, barracks & gas dump at Thaleschweiler hit target and was milk run. Very little flak. Crew was Lts. Crawfiord, Hemphill. EM Conerford, Bachman, Kostant and me. Bombs 500# Altitude 10,600 ft. Morning mission.

53 18 Jan 1945 3:30 Bitche Barracks, France

No.53 | Jan.16 | Ship-64
Mission was barracks and supplies at Bitche, France Germany. Plenty of flak. 37th lost lead ship. didn't drop for that reason. crew was Lts Hillesmier, Mueller and Bellifoss. EM Hughes, Rallis, Walker P.H. and me. Bombs were 100# and had 30. Afternoon mission. wasn't very cold. Pendleton Bellied a ship in. No.27 Loe Griz was with him.

54 19 Jan 1945 4:00 Rastatt Marshalling Yard, Germany

No.54 | Jan.19 | Ship-66
Mission was a bridge at Rastatt, Germany. Couldn't get on the target cause of overcast. on returning home we had to land at Dole Field. Came home in trucks. froze my ass off. Didn't get home till late. Crew was Lts. Hamblim, Dott and Livers. EM. Hughes, Calkins, me PH Walker. Bombs were 1000# Altitude 14,000 ft. temp -20.

55 22 Jan 1945 3:35 Rastatt Railroad Bridge, Germany

No-55 | Jan-22 | Ship-52
Mission was railroad bridge at Rastatt, Germany. Mission was a failure. Target was covered over. Bad weather. Crew was Lts. Zimmerman, Mueller, EM Harry, Hought, Mason and me. 37th had a ship belly in on take off. No-46. 432nd had a ship belly in on a field. Another ship is still missing. was colder than hell. Bombs were 1000# Morning mission.

56 21 Feb 1945 4:15 Bad Munster Railroad Bridge, Germany

No.56 | Feb.21 | Ship-67
Mission was a railroad bridge at Obersteinbach. Didn't drop had rack malfunction. No flak and was a milk run. Crew was Lts. Hagle, Gottlieb, Mohler EM. Holmes, VLach, Nathan and yours truly. Bombs were 500# Afternoon mission.

57 22 Feb 1945 4:30 Balinger Railroad Siding, Germany

No-57 | Feb.22 | Ship-66
Mission was a railroad station at Bisingier. Ger. Germany. Possible hits on target. Crew was Lts. Hilsmier, Capt. Martinson, Lt. Harry, Churchman, FO Glass, EM. Musso, Pittenger and me. Bombs were 500# 432nd had a ship shot down. saw 5 chutes come out. Little flak and was morning mission.

58 25 Feb 1945 4:15 Siegelsbach Ammo Dump, Germany

No.58 | Feb. 25 | Ship-64
Mission was a ammunition storage dump at Siegelsbach, Germany hit target and was a big explosion. Crew was Lts. Berry, Smolenski, Burrows. EM. Girz, Leoh and me. Bombs were 500# Altitude 12,000 ft. One ship was damaged from explosion. we lost No-57. Crew bailed out safe.

59 15 Mar 1945 4:40 Seigfried Line, Germany

No-59 | March.15 | Ship-58
Mission was a tank trap at Zweibroken, Germany. Early A.M. Mission. Crew was Lts. Berry, Wallace, Burrows. E.M. Cargiene, Aultman and me. Was the day the 7th Army started its push for the Rhine. Plenty of planes over there. We landed at a field for gas. Bombs. 250 Altitude 12,000 Glide Bomb Bat mission.

60 21 Mar 1945 5:00 Eberstadt Ammo Dump, Germany

No-60 | March-21 | Ship-66
Mission was ammunition factory at Evlenbach, Germany. Hit Target was a milk run. 54 Ship formation and plenty of escorts. was really expecting plenty of fighters A.M. Mission was set up until time was three o'clock. Crew was Lts. Hamlin, House, Liveres, Bellfoss. EM. Ronstant, Boykin, and me. Ship 50 went in on take off. Bombs 500# Bott Mission. Hope thats finish.

Total Combat Mission Time: 257.40
Total Dry Run and Air Spare Time: 6:25
Total Combat Operational Time: 264:05

John P. Martinson
Captain, Air Corps,
Operations Officer.

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