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Edward J Kanthack

Marauderman's Name: S/Sgt Edward J Kanthack
Bomber Group:  391st
Bomber Squadron:  574th
Years in Service: '41-'45

Have you ever played the old guessing game "Twenty Questions"?  Well, I have exactly 20 questions about things I found, or failed to find, in my dad's war diary.   I'm hoping someone out there can answer for me.  Dad's words are in italics.  My questions are in bold.  And things that are the most important to me are in blue.  Here goes:

1.) 25 Jan 44 Lt Derby ran into the prop on the left side of the plane . . .goes on to describe his injuries and on 26 Jan note that he died of them.  Does anyone know who Lt Derby was and WHERE this incident happened in the States?

2.)  Sometime between 3 Feb and 16 April, they moved to Ireland.  Can anyone tell me where they were stationed in Ireland?

3.) 2 May 44:  Dad served aboard THE TEXAN.  Target Valenciennes Marshalling Yards.  Position  "Purple Heart Corner".  (May have been piloted by Richard (Dick) Newman, but not sure.

4.) 10 May 44: THE TEXAN again.  This time, the record shows it may have replaced the MAD MOHAWK (42-09583) which was scheduled to fly that day.  They flew THE TEXAN in 1st flight, #5 position.

  Does anyone out there recognize the name of THE TEXAN and do you have it's serial number?  a photo?

5.)  11 May 44: NO NAME given for the plane in this mission.  Here are some details from dad's and other planes in that day's diary:  Target:  Airfield near Creil.  Lt Callison - 1 engine shout out, nose wheel collapsed on landing, co-pilot killed.  Major Newcomer landed on 1 wheel.  Lt Lowe's vertical stabilizer shot away.  Flak tore a 30-inch hole next to Sgt Byrne in waist.  One ship more than 100 holes.  We only had our compass shot out, and one hole in stabilizer (we were lucky).

Can anyone help me out with the plane on this one?  No pos, flight, or box # this time.

6.) 19 May 44:  UNBEARABLE #41-31716 O8-O.  Target: Coastal defenses at Fecamp.

Do you have a picture of UNBEARABLE?

7.)   30 May 44:  Read today that Gerry Tenney got killed -- he had been with me since I graduated from gunnery school -- a long time --.

I found a newspaper article written by Ed Goodykoontz (Stars and Stripes Correspondent) entitled "Beyond the Communique -- Plenty"  "Ops that get a line often rate high in combat heroism".  The article describes a communique which read simply," Marauders also attacked military installations in Northern France" but told what REALLY happened the day one of my dad's best friends was killed.  Details include:  Pilot: 2 Lt Richard E Johnson (Conneat, OH) ship hit by flak.  T/Sgt Forest F Estel (Catawba, WVa), Sgt G V Tenney (Lynwood, CA), S/Sgt Harry Schwartz (Brooklyn) - he discovered Tenney was hit.  Rt engine began to leak gasoline somewhere over French coast.  Johnson cut right engine, landed on just one.  Took Tenney to the hospital where he died 5 days later.  107 holes in the fuselage.

I know NOTHING about Gerry Tenney, nor does anyone in my family.  Does anyone out there remember him?  Have pictures?  Any family members still living?

Also, where was the gunnery school my father wrote about? I have a photo of an instructor and on the back it says, "To the best student I ever had."  Have no idea if this was gunnery school or what??? Can you help?

8.)  4 June 44 NO NAME on plane.  42-95848 O8-N. Pilot: Newman.  (Note:  this same plane was lost on 7 June 44 - 3 KIA, 1 MIA, 2 returned)

NAME of plane? Photo?

9.) 12 July 44 two missions.  (1) pos 2, 2nd box, lead flight.  (2)  pos 2, 2nd box, low flight.

Were both of these missions flown in JINX/Snakes Revenge?

10.)  8 Aug 44 NO NAME given #42-95873 4L-U.  (Note: this same plane crashed on takeoff on 5 Oct 44 -- all aboard were killed)  NAME of plane? Photo?

11.)  16 Aug 44 NO NAME given -- Bridge near Marne and Chateau Thierry pos 5, high flight, lead box.  NAME of plane? Photo?

12.) 17 Aug 44 NO NAME given #42-95819 P2-H (Crew included: Newman, Dougherty, Furhman).  Pos 6, high flight, 2nd box.  (Note:  42-95819 bellylanded - due to AAA damage -- don't have the dateNAME of plane? Photo?

13.) 25 Aug 44 NO NAME given: started as #5 lead flight, ended in #3 pos.,2nd box. Target: Bridge on Seine, 1 ship lost over target from high flight 2nd box)  NAME of plane? Photo?

14.)  5 Sept 44 NO NAME given. No serial no. Target: Brest.  Pilot: Newman?  NAME of plane? Photo?

15.) 29 Sept 44 SCRUMPTIOUS:  (She crashed at base on 23 Dec 44 and was too shot up to ever fly again.)  Did someone recently send me a picture of SCRUMPTIOUS?  If so -- sorry -- would you re-send it please?

16.) 5 Oct 44 NO NAME. Mission recalled.  Same plane as 8 Aug (#42-95873).  Notes from that day:  Lt. Talton crashed on takeoff -- Piessier, Zobel, Fowler, co-pilot, and Lt. Talton all killed.  Collison was the only one out alive.   NAME of plane? Photo?

17.)  13 Oct 44 OLE SARGE.  pos 2, high flight, 2nd box, Pilot: Newman. (Note: I discovered an "incident report" for OLE SARGE from 23 Dec 44 -- no details). 

Does anyone have a picture of OLE SARGE?

18.)  25 Dec 44 NO NAME # 43-34454 4L-H.  Pilot:  Capt Flannagan NAME of plane? Photo?

19.) 1 Jan 45 NO NAME # 44-67877 4L-D.  Pilot Capt Flannagan.  Bombardier: McCord. (Note: this plane replaced SKY HAG which was shot down on 23 Dec 44) NAME of plane? Photo?

20.) 22 Jan 45 NO NAME. No serial No. pos 6, high flight, 1st box.  Pilot: Lt Ackland.  Target:  Gerolstein munitions, gas, supplies, a few miles behind the Bulge.  Dad's last mission. NAME of plane? Photo?

Thanks everyone, for checking your attics and drawers and albums for me.  The information you've shared with me so far has resulted in small, tattered war diary becoming -- so far -- a 370+ page album filled with notes, and photos and memorabilia. Thank you ALL so much for your generosity!  Some day, if I can convince my family, this whole thing will go on the web where everyone can see it. THANKS and BLESSINGS to all!!

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Linda Kanthack (Marauder's Daughter)

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