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Moses Joseph Gatewood, Jr. AKA. "MoJo"
Aircraft commander of the "Holy Moses"

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the French worked the radio. This radio, the code system, and staying in German hotels got on my nerves, but the climax came at Avignon where we got mixed up in a fight between the Mawuis and the Germans - I remaining neutral under the car while bullets whistled by overhead. After fighting, my friends returned with SS troopers and after much arguing in German, we were taken before the SS Captain of the town. I talked French with him for ten minutes explaining that I was a collaborator traveling with my German friends and that I had left my papers in Lyons by mistake in another unit. After much talking, we finally proceeded to Marseille where radio communication with Algiers failed to work. We then continued along the coast to Perpignon where we gave the radio away and learned that the Gestapo was watching the border too closely. Also at Perpignon, I dropped my paratrooper boots in front of two German officers as we stood in line checking out clothes before going swimming. I did a slow death as I picked them up but the Germans didn't seem to notice. From Perpignon we proceeded to ... across from ..., Spain. For eight or nine lays, I enjoyed relative peace of mind as my friends crossed the border almost every other day arranging for a proper crossing and a sure fire way of handing the code over to the American consul before I was caught and searched by the Spanish.

This was successfully accomplished but I wound up in jail in Spain on 9 August 1944. An American consular representative arrived two days later and started my on my way back to England. T'was a happy day!

Major, A.C.

A True Story

Frank L. Wood, Jr.
Lt. Colonel, A.C.

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