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Gayle L. Smith
Group Operations Officer

June 15, 1943

Flew to Langley Army Airfield, Virginia, for clearance.

June 16, 1943

Flew to Grenier Field, New Hampshire. Bad weather prevented us from getting to Presque Isle, Maine.

June 17, 1943

Flew to Presque Isle, Maine and were weathered in June 18, 1343.

June 19, 1943

Presque Isle to Goose Bay, Newfoundland with no alternate air fields available in case Goose Bay closed because of weather.  It was a flight of no return.

June 20, 1943

Goose Bay to BW 1, Greenland.  The entire Group flew in weather until approximately 75 miles from shore.  We broke out into the clearand you could see for hundreds of miles.  Icebergs, ice cap were clearly visible.  Landing at BW 1 was up a fjord - from sea level up to 168 feet.  You had to land because there was no room to turn around for a second attempt.  One aircraft was lost in a pullout from a highspeed dive.  The aircraft was lost, but every part that could be cannibalized was taken.  The crew was distributed among other cremes.  This was the second flight without an alternate.

June 21, 1943

BW 1 to Meeks Field in Iceland.  Take-off was downhill toward the sea, circling back over the ice cap en route to Meeks.  Excellent weather with 24 hour daylight in the summer's longest days.

June 22, 1943

This was a day of rest before heading into the changeable weather to be experienced in Scotland and England.

June 23, 1943

Meeks, Iceland to Aldermasten, England.  Weather plagued us the entire way and as a result, aircraft were scattered from Scotland to the destination of Aldermasten.   Col. Storrie, leading the 558th Squadron, landed in Prestwick, Scotland to refuel and then was unable to reach Aldermasten because of weather, hence landed to the north at the Airfield Brizenorton.

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