Jack D. White

Jack D. White
344th Bomb Group 497th Bomb Squadron

Jack D. White 344th Bomb Group 497th Bomb-Squadron, France, Fall 1944

My jacket, 60 missions completed, and 5 more to go for this tour.

50 years later, 1995 a B-26 model and lot of memories

This collection of photos of insignias of B-26 Marauder units is the results of an idea originated by John O. Moench to collect a patch of all units that flew B-26s. I assumed responsibility from Robert L. Harwell when he took over the presidency of a Marauder organization in early 1995. Had we started this collection in 1945, it might have been easy, but starting 50 years after World War II, it has been a real challenge. A lot of people have contributed-sveral original patches, some reunion patches, some pictures, some pins, some decals and for several I took descitptions from publications and created the patches, but for many units we still have nothing, maybe they never exited. We believe that we now have all of the insignias that were used, but we cannot be sure that some others don’t exit. If you see any errors or if you have something else to contribute, please do. I hope yoou enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed them while putting the collection together. Jack D White. Started collection in 1995, completed in 2002.

“Reassignment” 71-M, 99 Missions, Serial Number 42-95862, 9th Air Force, 497th Bombardment Squadron, 344th Bombardment Group, European Theater of Operation 1944-1945. Plane shot down by enemy flak on February 13, 1945. The crew was Pilot A.R. Williams, Co-pilot M.F Crowley, Bombardier-navigator J.P. Brown, Engineer-Gunner A.J. Ryder, Radio-Turret Gunner A.A Zabinski, Armour-Gunner (tail gunner) Cruz Coyaso were all lost on a mission to bomb railroad bridge in Euskirchen, Germany.

Cruz Coyaso, Ardennes American Cemetery, C-33-5

13 Feb 45 flak in right wing 20 seconds prior to bombs away, exploded, wing folded back, plane ignited, spun in
1.Lt Ancil.R.Williams; 2.Lt’s Maurice F Crowley; J P Brown; S/Sgts Alphonse A Zabinski; Albert J Ryder; Cruz Coyaso. (All KIA)

Missing Aircrew Report MACR-12305