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John P. McBride
30th Depot Repair Squadron
30th Air Depot Group

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The individuals with me standing along side "I'll Be Seeing You" are -- Left to Right: Keys; Ed Conners; Orvis Addleman; Simon Civitello and myself, John P. McBride. None of us were aviators and/or flight crew members. Our unit, the 30th Depot Repair Squadron, 30th Air Depot Group repaired damaged B-26's at the depot site.  In England we were stationed at Stansted, Essex. The photo submitted was taken on Christmas Day 1944 at Beauvais-Tille, France. The four standing beside me were ground crew mechanics. I was a clerk-typist.

I noted the information that "I'll Be Seeing You" was a 322nd BG ship and was in the depot twice, first in July 1944 and then again March 1945. My unit, the 30th Depot Repair Squadron, 30th Air Depot Group was stationed at Stansted, Essex from Aug. 1943 until Oct. 1944. We could have been instrumental in the work done on "I'll Be Seeing You" during the July 1944 depot visit. However, March 1945 time frame is somewhat puzzling because in Oct. 1944 the 30th ADG arrived at Beauvais-Tille in France. We set up the depot functions there. The photo of "I'll Be Seeing You" submitted was taken at Beauvais on Christmas Day 1944. Beginning March 1945 until the middle of April, the 30th moved in sections to a base near Tirlemont, Belgium.  Beauvais-Tille was also the home base of the 322nd Bomb Group. It is possible that "I'll Be Seeing You" was over at the Depot on Christmas Day because of some other emergency, such as damaged runways (which threatened to cancel missions until flight crews and administrative personnel became construction workers and repaired the runway). That may be the reason why we were able to photograph "I'll Be Seeing You" on Christmas Day 1944 at the Depot. It is all just conjecture on my part because I never made any high ranking decisions, being a corporal. I am standing on the far right hand side of  snapshot as you look at it.

Sincerely, thanks for your interest,
John P. McBride, 30th Repair Squadron, 30th ADG.

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