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Nels Cassano
453 Bomb Squadron
323 Bomb Group

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Mr. Nels Cassano was the Crew Chief for Truman's Folly for 2 1/2 years; Nels served 4 years in the USAAF.  Truman's Folly flew 177 missions and Nels only had to change the 5 engines in 2 1/2 years - good plane, and a great crew chief! Nels would like to hear from Erdman D. Kiehm, a Korean/American pilot who flew 50 missions in the 453rd, many in Truman's Folly.  Nels would like to also hear from Robert L Sprague, another pilot that flew missions in the 453rd and many in the Truman's Folly. Of particular interest is Mr. Donald A. Nelson, a bombardier, who flew in the right seat many times until it was time for him to crawl into the nose to release his bombs. Pilots in the 453rd bomb squadron flew combat missions without co-pilots. Nels would like to hear from any crew member or their descendant, that flew in the Truman's Folly.

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Nels Cassano, 453 Bomb Squadron, 323 Bomb Group, Marauder Man.



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