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L-R: William Dale Matlock (tech Sergeant), H.E. Dean, tail gunner; Richard C. Everett, Radio/Gunner; Lt. Richard A. Ainsworth, Co-Pilot; Lt. Richard H. Gunn, Pilot.  The "Secksma Sheen" was Major Sheen's B26.  The Gunn/Ainsworth crew flew many missions is this plane.

<< Richard Ainsworth's - Combat Mission Record >>

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Richard Ainsworth

Richard and Martha Ainsworth

Richard Ainsworth Crew

Richard H. "Dick" Gunn, Pilot; Richard A. Ainsworth, Co-pilot; Presley C. Funk, Bombardier; William Dale Matlock, Engineer Gunner, Richard C. Everett, Radio Gunner; H.E. Dean, Tail Gunner

Rich Ainsworth told me that he had graduated from all fighter pilot schools, number three in his class.  One day soon after graduation the CO called a formation.  The CO called out names starting with "A",  Ainsworth was called and sent to fly B26s as a co-pilot.  The transfer upset Rich very much but there was nothing he could do.  He was assigned to an excellent pilot, Dick Gunn, who turned out to be a Squadron and Group flight leader.  Once in combat Rich flew as many missions as he could as quickly as he could, offering to fly back up for other pilots and co-pilots who could not fly for illness or other reasons.  Feeling let down, all he wanted to do was fly his 65 missions and get out.  This story was confirmed by Clyde Harkins, a long time friend.  Rich was an outstanding man assisting people who asked questions on the message board since 1999.  -Mike

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