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William T. O'Brien
397th Group, 597th Squadron

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Picture taken sometime in the Spring 1944. Back row left to right - Moses J. Gatewood, Pilot; W. Blatchford, Bomb/Nav; R. Haymond, Co-Pilot. Front row left to right - W. Snyder, Engineer/Gunner; William T. O'Brien, Radio Op/Gunner; L. Hughes, Tail Gunner.

Crew shot down 24 June 1944- target was bridge at Maison-Lafitte, France. All safely evacuated aircraft. Crew was not flying "Holy Moses" on this day. Were assigned to another aircraft the "Mama Liz". Gatewood, with the help of the underground, managed to evade. Remainder of crew were captured and remained POW's until end of war.

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