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B-26 'Lil 'Lass' Carn Llidi Mountain, St. David's, Wales

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Here's a sketch by an eyewitness, Hugh Bonnell, who was 16 at the time of the crash and was standing in the farm yard when 'Mi 'Laine' flew into the barn. Hugh was standing outside a shed (see sketch) waiting to go up to the barn. He was waiting for a rain shower to pass over; I guess this rain shower saved his life !
The ship hit the tree in front of the barn first.

Another shot of Penrhyn Farm. Ship was flying towards the camera.

This is Carn Llidi mountain. Lil 'Lass flew in from the right on crashed into the green gully running up to the summit. One engine carried on over the summit; this is probably where the memorial blade originates from.
The second shot (Carn Llidi 2) is taken some distance away and in foggy weather, as it probably was in 1943. As you can see the summit is totally obscured. Witnesses form another ship say 'Lil 'Lass' was letting down through cloud to get a position fix when she hit the mountain.


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