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B-26 'Lil 'Lass' Carn Llidi Mountain, St. David's, Wales

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A picture of the blade, as it was when it was found on the mountainside and before refurbishment by Hastie/Metspray Ltd., of Swansea. They did the refurbishment free-of-charge.

The propeller blade memorial.

ID plate from the ship, found at the crash site.


In the years following the crash, a local lady, Mrs. Margaret Thomas, was out walking the mountainside came across the above bracelet. It was held in her family for many years. When I started my research into the events of 4th June '43 about 10 years ago, I was shown the bracelet and thought it would be great to return it to Jackson's folks in GA. Making contact with some people from Carrollton, GA, who remembered him, I soon learnt he was an only child and that the family had 'died out'. Last year with the detective work of Frank Searcy (an ex B-24 instructor) and friend of JJ's, the bracelet was returned to the US. Frank had managed to find a will made by JJ's mother, which mentioned a lady named Ann Mapp; Ann was a niece to JJ's mother.

The Elgin 'watch' found in the nearby field. Some years ago a navigator's time piece was found in the surrounding field. The pocket watch only has 10 numerals, as opposed to 12 on a normal watch.

Pieces of Lil' Lass with a miniature 'stars and stripes'. Note the proximity to the coast - sea in background.

Here a picture of the 'Ireland' ship 41-34718 (Ridge Runner), Lt.Seeley's crew, which
belly landed on the beach at Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Ireland.


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