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Battle's Royal British Legion Hall Memorial Plaque

The British Legion Hall is at the town of Battle, Sussex

Ian gives the crew of 592 as Burger, Dyer, Kyle, Long, Williams who were all killed. 1.Lt Thomas Potts, Jr., was the pilot. Lt. Potts squadron was the 584th and Lt. Jenkins was the 587th.

Lt. Potts iced up in severe weather condition, stalled and fell out of formation. On the descent he crashed into Jenkins ship. It was at this point the Potts was thrown clear of his plane, and I find it difficult to believe that the copilot had time to steer his B26 clear. Can you imagine the confusion on the flight deck since if Potts was thrown clear the collision must have hit this plane in the cockpit area?

As for the actions of the Jenkins crew I have no comments, but with the low altitude of both ships I doubt if anyone could have reacted in time.

Trevor Allen

Crew of 42-107592
1.Lt Tommie J Potts, Pilot
1.Lt Christian D Burger, Jr, Copilot
1.Lt Leroy A Dyer, Bomb/Nav
S/Sgt George J Kyle, Radio/gunner
S/Sgt James M Long, Engineer/gunner
S/Sgt George W Williams, Armourer/gunner

Crew of 42-96249
2.Lt Walter F Jenkins, Pilot
2.Lt Walter S Winter, Copilot
S/Sgt William C Hoeb, Toggler
Sgt George S Rogers, Radio/gunner
S/Sgt Ralph D Parker, Jr., Engineer/gunner
Sgt Edward F Bailey, Armourer/gunner

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