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For the purpose of standardizing B-26 practice and transition flying the following procedures will be used by all pilots in this group:

I. Manifold and R.P.M. Settings
   A. Warm up (after 1000 C) 25" - 26" 2000 RPM
   B. Take off 51.5" 2700 RPM
   C. Off Ground 42" 2400 RPM
   D. Climb (flaps up) 37" 2300 RPM
   E. Cruise 28" - 30" 1900-2100 RPM.

II. Check Generators at 1850 RPM

III. Standard Climbing Air Speeds
   A. Flaps down 160 MPH
   B. Flaps up 170 MPH

IV. Instrument let-down
   A. 160 MPH
   B. 1/2 flaps
   C. 500 feet per minute descent

V. Single Engine Practice
   A. Feathering
      1. 7000' minimum altitude
      2. Out throttle "bad" engine
      3. Out mixture "bad" engine
      4. Advance mixture to auto rich "good" engines
      5. Increase RPM to 2400 and manifold pressure to 33" "Good" engine
      6. Fly 160-170 MPH, hold ball centered and ship straight, (Mostly rudder pressure)
      7. Feather "Bad" engine
      8. Trim rudder and elevator.
      9. Cut "bad" engine switch
      10. Open "good" engine cowl flaps and oil shutters. Close "bad" engine.
      11. Turn on "good" engine fuel booster pump
      12. Turn off "bad" engine generator
      13. Check instrument vacuum supply
      14. In case of actual engine failure "bad" engine fuel supply valve should be turned off.

B. 1. Feather Switch normal
     2. Turn on "bad" engine generator
     3. Set "Bad" engine throttle and RPM control in retarded position.
     4. Advance mixture control to auto-lean
     5. Bring engine into function by holding prep switch on increase to 800 RPM: then throw switch to     auto.
     6. Warm engine at maximum 20" manifold pressure and 1500 RPM until cylinder head temp reads 1000 C.
     7. Bring engine slowly to cruising power
     8. Retard "good" engine to cruising power
     9. Trim rudder and elevators
     10. Turn off "good" engine booster and check cowl flaps and oil shutters.

Copy from Jimmy Wells files.

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