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Marauder crews that flew on 23 Dec 1944

Most of the following Marauder men were either MIA/KIA/POW

41-31657, 387BG, 559BS, "MISSISSIPPI MUDCAT", Code TQ-W, Missions flown 149, MARC 11465
23 Dec 44 shot down by Me109's, pilot killed by 20mm shell, went down immediately. 2.Lt's Vernon O Staub; Elgin F Scobell; William H Doyle; S/Sgt's Leonard Werner; Marvin P Geist; Sgt Richard F Wyman; Cpl Otto P Sicilano. (Staub, KIA; rest of crew, MIA)

41-31842, 322BG, 451BS, "SIXOV US", Code SS-U, Missions flown 56, from 9 Sep 43 to 23 Apr 44
386BG, 552BS, "SIXOV US", Code RG-F, Missions flow 37, from 24 Jul 44 to 2 Dec 44 damaged at A-62 Reims/Champagne, repaired and reflew; pilot, Lt Danny R Duff, 23 Dec 44 crashed on take off, burst into flames. Maj. C.E. Hardy with 552BS crew. Maj. C.E. Hardy; 2.Lt Wesley E Brian; Capt Guy P Baird, Jr; 1.Lt Dean P Trigonides; T/Sgt Fred L Loftin; S/Sgt's Boyce W Ellington; Edward O Biegolman. (Hardy, Brian, Loftin survived; Baird, Trigonides, Ellington, killed; Regan, Biegolman died of injuries).

41-3187, 387BG, 559BS "BOOGER RED II", Code TQ-O, Missions flown 131
15 Sep 43 to 23 Dec 44 severely battle damaged, crashlanded on return; pilot, Lt. Theron G. Blackwell

41-31896, 323BG, 453BS, "CIRCLE JERK" renamed "LOUISIANA MUD HEN", Code VT-G, Missions flown 121, MARC 11659

21 Dec 43 to 23 Dec 44 flak in right engine over target, burst into flames, spun and crashed. 1.Lt's.James C. Bostick; Howard Detel; 2.Lt James P Hodges; S/Sgt's Albia Wiles; Robert Hehimer; A G Carrell (All KIA)

41-31917, 387BG, 559BS, "DUCK BUTT II", Code TQ-M, Missions flown 111
to 23 Dec 44 badly damaged by enemy fighters, crashlanded base, salvaged 23 Dec 44; pilot, 2.Lt.Warren R. Wade

41-32058, 331CCTS, 1 Aug 43 Barksdale, La to 23 Dec 44 01.29hrs lost on navigational flight, contacted by Key Field control pilot reported he had 30 minutes of fuel left, Pilot given instructions for a instrument landing at Key Field. weather given as 400'ceiling, visibility one mile in light fog. Pilot let down under control, but with no power, brushed trees, crashed, utterly destroyed, no fire, 2 miles NW Bailey, Miss, and 10 miles N of Key Field. F/O's Arthur L Haugland; Howard B Beatty; Harold H Brush; Cpl's Stewart E Hazelgrove; John R Riesen; Lynn T Nelson (all killed in crash).

42-95753, 320BG, 441BS, "TABOO" renamed "MY GAL", Code BN.08, Missions flown 115, MARC 11591
19 Oct 44 flew it's 100th mission; 8 Jan 44 to 23 Dec 44 flak hit over the target cut a/c in two just aft of top turret, rolled over into
shallow spin, exploded on hitting ground. 2.Lt.Richard E. Dickey; 2.Lt Frank J Kuentz; 2.Lt Frank A Stadnick; Cpl Donald G Dickens; Pfc William Tipton; S/Sgt John W Lofton; Cpl Paul M Conant. (All MIA)

42-95798, 391BG, 574BS, "DRAGON WAGON", Code 4L-K, Missions flown 65, MARC 11673
2 Mar 44 to 23 Dec 44 hit by flak on bomb run, but no apparent damage, prior to reaching target attacked by fighters, dropped bombs, left engine shot out, fire raging in bomb bays crew bailed out, plane crashed. 2.Lts. Jack A. Haynes; John C Werner; 1.Lt William Greenough II; S/Sgts Harold W Weland; Edward C Schiffner; Wendell A Fetters. (Haynes killed when he bailed out with chute on fire, rest of crew POWs)

42-95818, 391BG, 574BS, "LADY CHANCE", Code 4L-L, Missions flown 104, MARC 11677
23 Dec 44 hit in left engine by fighters, caught fire, dropped out of formation apparently under control. 1.Lt.Bartram L. Ryan, Jr; 2.Lts Claude Letzring; Allen V Rouse; S/Sgt's Thomas Netecke; Milton L Dean, Jr; Clinton B Trapp. (All MIA)

42-95825, 391BG, 573BS, "EASY DOG 99", Code T6-B, Missions flown 108, MARC 11662
23 Dec 44 hit by fighters on pulling away from target, left engine smoking, right engine on reduced power, fire in radio compartment, crew bailed out. Capt.Joseph J.Boylan; 1.Lt Homer K Buerlein; Capt Norman S Dudley; Capt William L Smith; T/Sgt Allen E Adair; S/Sgts Robert V Vehr; Edward A Vich. (All POWs)

42-95838, 391BG, 574BS, Code 4L-B, Missions flown 100, MARC 11485
23 Dec 44, fighter attack from rear destroyed tail turret, right engine on fire, right wing on fire, bombay on fire went down, exploded over edge of a small town. 1.Lt.Wilbur P. Stephenson; 2.Lts John J Kollar; Emil L Schwarz; Sgts Neel L Struwe; Arthur C Walstrom; Louis J Verdeal. (Stephenson, KIA, rest of crew POWs)

42-95844, 391BG, 575BS, "MISS BEHAVIN", Code O8-D, Missions flown 96, MARC 11670
23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters, fire in bombay, fell out of formation spun, exploded and crashed. 2.Lts.William A. Kloepfer; John V Hultin; Edward E Wolf; S/Sgts Delmer L Haynes; Harold R Humble; James F Stevens. (Haynes, POW; rest of crew KIA).

42-95847, 391BG, 575BS, "SCRUMPTIOUS", Code O8-H, Missions flown 108
23 Dec 44 severely damaged by fighters, pilot Capt Breeseman; copilot Lt Curtis and two others severely wounded, controls taken over by Maj. Hershel S Harkins crashlanded back at base, plane salvaged 26 Dec

42-95855, 391BG, 575BS, "THE GRINNIN GREMLIN", Code O8-R, Missions flown 88
23 Dec 44 severely damaged by fighters, salvaged on return to base, salvaged 26 Dec 44; pilot, 2.Lt.William J. Kirton

42-95865, 391BG, 574BS, "SKYHAG", Code 4L-D, Missions flown 107, MARC 11664
23 Dec 44 tail shot off by fighters, went down out of control. Capt. Clyde G.Brown; 2.Lts George E Bishop; Paul J Estrem; Sgts Robert L Vidler; Rudyard L Courtnay; S/Sgt Gene W Brillhart. (Brown, Bishop, Estrem, Vidler, KIA; Brillhart, POW; Courtney died of wounds)

42-95869, 387BG, 559BS, "THE FRONT BURNER II", Code TQ-F, Missions flown 93, MARC 11482
25 Feb 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters, crashed at Junkerath, Germany. 2.Lts. Matthew J. Pusatari; Charles C Steward; Sgts John Robinson; Robert W Phillip; S/Sgt Eckard Munson; Sgt William M Mulligan; Cpl Howard Shweder. (All KIA)

42-95878, 344BG, "WEARY LERA", to 22 May 44 transferred to 1st.PFF "WEARY LERA", Code IH-X, Missions flown 54, MARC 14626
22 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by flak while leading 322.BG crashed in flames near Bohn, left engine on fire, three bailed out, two did not reach the ground alive. Capt. Wilbur G. Cox; 2.Lt Daniel P Winegar, Jr.; 1.Lt Ernest E Todd, Snr; T/Sgt's Ira L Mooney; Salvatore A Visi; S/Sgt Charles J Bohm. (Bohm, POW; rest of crew KIA)

42-95932, 391BG, 575BS, "FIFINELLA" then "FIFINELLA DOG", Code O8-T, Missions flown 109, MARC 11551
23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters, fell out of formation with right engine ablaze. 1.Lts. Clark A. Tavener; Patrick H Wilkinson; 2.Lt Marc W Castle; T/Sgt Joseph W Wyne; Cpls John F McGettigan; Frank D Dick. (Wyne, Dick, POWs; rest of crew MIA)

42-96061, 394BG, 584BS, "HEAVENS ABOVE", Code K5-P, Missions flown 108, MARC 11402
23 Dec 44 flak in left engine, unable to feather prop warning bell sounded, Folwell & Voorhis bailed out, prop windmilled, engine tore itself lose, went into uncontrollable spin, crashed. 2.Lt.Fred Reigner, Jr; 2.Lt Lester D Folwell POWs; S/Sgt Herman P Brueggeman; Sgts T J Bell; Jerome H Mendelson; Wilson E Voorhis, Jr. (Voorhis, Folwell, POWs; rest of crew KIA)

42-96144, 397BG, 596BS, "BANK NITE BETTY" Code X2-C, Missions flown 69, MARC 11483
23 Dec 44 hit by flak near top turret, exploded, broke into two pieces. 1.Lts. Charles W. Estes; William D Collins; Craig E Lewis; S/Sgt James P Negri; T/Sgt William E Epps; Sgt Bruno T Daskiewicz; Pfc Abraham J Korn. (All KIA)

42-96148, 397BG, 596BS, "UNCLE BILLS FLAK HOUSE", Code X2-H, Missions flown 82
23 Dec 44 damaged by fighters, landed on nosewheel only, repaired; pilot, Lt. Loy L. Julius

42-96182, 397BG, 599BS, "MISS FURIE", Code 6B-K, Missions flown 64, MARC 11487
30 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 missing after attacks by enemy fighters. 1.Lt.Bernard F. Senart, Jr; 2.Lt Robert G Altman; Sgt Charles F Celeste; T/Sgt Eric C Swenson; S/Sgts Vito Portanova; Pasquale J Carino. (Altman, POW; rest of crew, KIA)

42-96201, 397BG, 599BS, "BLIND DATE", Code 6B-L, Mission flown 85
23 Dec 44 damaged in head on attack by Fw190's, fire started in bomb bay, copilot put out fire, engineers called to flight deck, misunderstood, bailed out, both engines stopped, then worked intermittently, pilot followed Group to crashland at base, nosed over, propeller dug into ground, tip broke off, hit copilot in head. 1.Lt. John H. Neu; 2.Lt J L Engle; S/Sgts HG B Moore; C D Quimby; W J Franton; T/Sgt J Reed. (Engle injured)

42-96203, 1st.PFF, "TERRIBLE TURK II", Code IH-S, Missions flown 35
23 Jun 44 to 23 Dec 44 landing accident at A-61 to service group, repaired; pilot, Capt Paul H. Jones

42-96223, 1st.PFF, "CHERE AMIE", Code IH-O, Missions flown 39; the plane painted all over black; MARC 15002
21 Jun 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters while leading 391st.BG, front of a/c badly shot up. Capt. Enoch G. Longsworth, 2.Lt Arthur E DeSaulniers, 1.Lt Phillip A Vogel; Capt William G Wilson, T/Sgt George R Winston; S/Sgt Robert H Aley (Longworth, Vogel, Wilson, DeSaulniers and Aley, KIA; Winston badly wounded but survived as POW)

42-96252, 394BG, 585BS, Code H9-M, Missions flow 4, 20 May 44 to 30 May 44 transferred to 586BS, Code H9-M, Missions flown 66; 14 Jun 44 to 23 Dec 44 single engine, down wind landing, ran off runway, nosewheel collapsed, salvaged by 91 Air Depot Group 24 Dec 44; pilot, Lt. Harold S. Tuller

42-96280, 397BG, 597BS, "BABY BUTCH II", Code 9F-B, Missions flown 1; 30 Jun 44 only, to service squadron; "BABY BUTCH II", Code 9F-T, Missions flown 36; MARC 11349
10 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 missing after fighter attack, crew bailed out, crashed Waxweiler/Prum area. 2.Lts. Fred W. Marshall; Paul W McIntosh; S/Sgt James H Nichols; Cpl Harold M LaShelle; S/Sgt Mitchell Curry; Cpl Warren E Hampton (All POWs)

42-96309, 387BG 557BS, "SHIRLEY D", Code KS-G, Missions flown 27, MARC 10877
6 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by flak near Bastogne, Belgium, crashed, exploded. Four parachuted and returned to base. 1.Lt. George E. Stith; 2.Lt's Jesse H Lutman; Ellis D Sutter; 1.Lt Lloyd L Hawsley; S/Sgt's Henry L Stevens; Hilbert G Swanson; Ephriam W Jackson; (Sutter, Hawsley, Swanson, Jackson, POWs; rest of crew MIA)

41-35010, 391BG, 574BS, "JINX/SNAKES REVENGE", Code 4L-A, Missions flown 46, MARC 11674
7 Jun 44 to 23 Dec 44 attacked by fighters, dropped out of formation losing oil from both engines, caught fire, went out of control, crashed 3km NW of Kolberg, Germany. 1.Lt. Dale Datjens; 2.Lt's Frederick T Kaye; Joseph M Blair; S/Sgt's Edward L Potocnik; Joseph K Kowalski; Joseph J Miller. (Potocnik, Kowalski, POWs; rest of crew killed in crash)

42-107577, 387BG, 559BS, "DUFFY" renamed "HOT GARTERS No.2", Code TQ-N, Missions flown 95, MARC 11403
15 Mar 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters, severely damaged tail, rudder and elevators shredded, down in dive. 1.Lt. Wayne W. Church; 2.Lt Harold D Wagoner; Capt Jeff B Newman; T/Sgt James A Logero; S/Sgt's Frank C Porter; Paul D Duncan; Jimmy G Bort; Cpl Aubrey Waldron (Wagoner, Newman, Logero, Porter, Waldron, KIA; rest of crew POWs).

42-107583, 344BG, 495BS, "SLEEPY TIME GAL", Missions flown 0; transferred without flying a combat mission with 344th.BG, 1.PFF, "SLEEPY TIME GAL", Code IH-E, Missions flown 51 (Codes IH-E issued but never applied to plane)
20 Apr 44 to 23 Dec 44 severely damaged by fighters, all gunners wounded, 300 holes in aircraft, right throttle shot wide open, airspeed out, electric trim out hydraulics shot out 5ft long x 22.5" wide hole in left wing; No brakes on landing at A-69 ran off end of runway into field, nosewheel collapsed. Salvaged. 1.Lts.Dale R. Bartels; Ray B Field; Bill Carls; Leonard Levin; S/Sgt's Curtis G Welborn; Gene Checkemain; Carl Ulery

42-107597, 391BG, 574BS, "OLD SARGE" Code 4L-P, Missions flown 62; MARC 11669
9 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 hit by fighters, tail turret and gunner torn off in collision with enemy fighter both wings ablaze, exploded, crashed two miles SW Bonn, Germany. 1.Lt. Ralph H. Lesmeister; 2.Lts Albert O Stark; Carl B Pollock; S/Sgts Frank D Stanton; Clare H Oliphant, Jr; John H Stephenson. (Stephenson, KIA; rest of crew POWs)

42-107598, 387BG, 559BS, Code TQ-G, Missions flown 68; MARC 11646
15 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot up by fighters in tail control surfaces, exploded in mid air. 1.Lt. William O. Pile; 2.Lt Robert W Ward; 2.Lt John J Walsh; 1.Lt John C Luce; 2.Lt Harold Ovis; T/Sgt George W Danner; S/Sgt Frank L Stasukt; Cpl Beldon W Hall; S/Sgt Wilfred L Becker. (Pile, Ward, Luce, Danner, MIA; rest of crew, POW).

42-107614, 323BG, 454BS, "LADY LUCK III", Code RJ-H, Missions flown 12
29 Sep 44 to 23 Dec 44 severe flak damage, crew bailed out over base, salvaged 23 Dec 44; pilot, Lt. William H. Eastwood

42-107671, 391BG, 575BS, "SILVER DOLLAR", Code O8-L, Missions flown 75, MARC 11661
2 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot up by fighters, incendiaries ignited in bombay, set bombay on fire, last seen with one engine burning other feathered, with wheels down, six crew parachuted out. 1.Lt. James F.Gatlin, Jr; 2.Lts Stephen V Biezis; John J Adair; S/Sgt Joe R Sanchez; M/Sgt William L Weissker; S/Sgt Milton E Cowart. (Gatlin; Biezis; Sanchez; Weissker, Adair, POWS; S/Sgt Milton E Cowart murdered on ground)

42-107672, 322BG, 450BS, "CHICKASA CHICK", Code ER-S, Missions flown 59
15 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 cat AC damage, to service group; pilot 2.Lt. William L. Holmes

42-107720, 391BG, 574BS, Code 4L-R, Missions flown 46, MARC 12222
6 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 severely damaged by fighters bellylanded at base. repaired. 2.Lts Paul R Woods; Spangler; McNamara; Cpls Hancock; Lucero; Christenson. 25 Jan 45 to 10 Feb 45 hit by flak in right wing at 1515hrs, fuel tank in right wing, exploded, crashed in flames. 2.Lt's. Ted E. Martin; Seymour Smith; F/O William H Rochefort; Sgt's Frank J Spiezak; Robert L Silverston; Robert R Mann.(all kia)

42-107747, 391BG, 573BS, Code T6-T, Missions flown 51, MARC 11663; 13 May 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters 3 miles E of Arweiler. Last seen dropping behind formation with both engines smoking, gear down, into spin, crashed. 1.Lt. Clayton S. Abraham; 2.Lt Verne H Bovie; S/Sgt Woodrow Wilson; T/Sgt Floyd B Lemon; Erik Christensen; Melvin E Murphy. (Bovie, POW; rest of crew, KIA)

43-34136, 397BG, 599BS, "RED DOG", Code 6B-U, Missions flown 24, MARC 13039
23 Dec 44 vertical stabilizer shot away by fighters, did a complete roll, dropped out of formation with left engine on fire, seemed under control, into steep dive, crashed, burned, three chutes observed. 1.Lt. Charles T. Eiden; 2.Lt Robert L Dorn; S/Sgts Gerald D Jackson; William H Frisbie; T/Sgt Lewis W Sullivan; S/Sgt Charles T Berry. (Eiden, Dorn, Jackson, KIA; rest of crew, POW)

43-34139, 397BG, 599BS, "TOOT SWEET", Code 6B-Z, Missions flown 36, MARC 11986
15 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down, circumstances unknown. 1.Lt. Robert E. McCarthy; 2.Lt's Charles F Abel; Harold T Ptaskiewicz; T/Sgt Clinton B Mathews; S/Sgts Ellis J Williamson; David E Hyre. (McCarthy, Ptaszkiewicz, Matthews, KIA; rest of crew, POWs)

43-34159, 397BG, 599BS, "HUN CONCIOUS II", Code 6B-J, Missions flown 16, MARC 11897
13 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 missing after attacks by enemy fighters. 1.Lt. Phillip C. Dryden; 2.Lt Robert F Stang; F/O Benjamin B Cummings; T/Sgts Elwood R Ahlgren; Stephen J Kish; Sgt Paul W LeFever. (Dryden died of wounds as a POW, Stang, Cummings, Ahlgren, KIA; Kish, LeFever, POWs).

43-34173, 323BG, 455BS, Code YU-J, Missions flown 7
8 Nov 44 to 23 Dec 44 stalled and crashed into cleetrack on take off at Laon/Athies, salvaged 25 Dec 44. Pilot, Lt. Marcus R. McKinney

43-3417, 322BG, 452BS, Code DR-T, Missions flown 43
1 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 hit by fighters at IP, damaged in right propeller and propeller, abandoned near Sedan (crew safe). Pilot, Lt. R.L. Eckhard

43-34185, 397BG, 598BS, "FWIGHTENED WABBIT", Code U2-A, Missions flown 32, MARC 11898
13 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 missing after attacks by enemy fighters. 1.Lt. Lloyd D. Burns; 2.Lt's Alphonse W Westee; S/Sgts Richard W Whitney; Sgts E J Augusewicz; William C Owens; S/Sgt Robert D Peters (ALL POWs)

43-34221, 397BG, 598BS, "LIL' JAN", Code U2-L, Missions flown 14, MARC 11549
6 Sep 44 to 23 Dec 44 hit by fighters, rolled onto its back, split into two crashed near Auderath, Germany. Capt. Donald M. Stangle; 2.Lt Gordon H Wenborg; 1.Lt's Arthur E Coyne; Norman S Scherer; T/Sgt Harold W Perkins; S/Sgt's Joseph W Hejner; James H Hoots; Robert D Williams (All KIA)

43-34238, 319BG 438BS, Nov 44 transferred on conversion to B25's to BN.31, 17BG, 95BS ERMA BN.73, MARC 11590
23 Dec 44 shot down by Bf109, crashed near Achern. Six chutes seen. 2.Lt. Lane E. Spence; 2.Lt George E Williams; 2.Lt John R Steward; Sgt Peter J Yanko; Cpl Joseph A Renaldi, Sgt's Joe N Armstrong; Johnny C Gault. (Williams, POW; rest of crew, KIA)

43-34260, 320BG, 444BS, "SUSAN", Code BN.97, Missions flown 28
22 Aug 44 to 23 Dec 44 left tyre blew out on landing, ran off runway, ran through pile of gravel, strut wiped off at Y-14 Marignane salvaged by 304 Air Service Sqdn Jan 45. 2.Lt's Eugene R Channell; Frank J Catalano; S/Sgt Kenneth N Greear

43-34309, 391BG, 575BS, Code T6-G, Missions flown 3; 20 Jul 44 to 6 Oct 44 damaged, to service squadron; transferred to 574BS, Code 4L-C, Missions flown 3, MARC 11651
11 Dec 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by fighter attack from rear, tail gunner killed by 20mm shell in chest. 1.Lt.Clarence E. Michelson; Lt. Col Donald K Brandon; 2.Lts Ward C Smidl; Kenneth Messell; John R Peters; S/Sgts Jay S Troup; Eugene E Weibking; Robert D Buckley. (Michelson, Brandon killed in crash, Smidl; Messell, Peters, Troup, Weibking, POWs; Buckley killed in plane)

43-34317, 322BG, 451BS, Code SS-H, Missions flown 17; 10 Nov 44 to 23 Dec 44 damaged cat AC, to service group; transferred to 452BS, Code DR-X8, 4 Mar 45 to wars end and scrapped.

43-34361, 391BG, 574BS, Code 4L-M, Missions flown 23, MARC 11672
2 Oct 44 to 23 Dec 44 fighters shot out left engine, elevators and radios, recovered tried to get back in formation, headed for home losing height steadily and under constant fighter fighter attack, rear bomb bay and ammunition on fire, dropped bombs, right engine on fire, lowered wheels, all but two gunners bailed out, crashed. 1.Lt. Paul N. Matus; 2.Lts William C Young; Earl E Cline; T/Sgt William C Swanson; S/Sgts Paul Raimonde; Harry T Stoeckel, Jr. (Swanson, Raimonde killed in crash)

43-34423, 322BG, 450BS to 9 Nov 44 landing accident mechanical failure at Gt Saling, repaired; pilot, John L Egan
Transferred to 450BS, Code ER-V, Missions flown 5, MARC 11404
9 Dec 44 to 23 Dec 44 hit by fighters, left engine on fire, tail and rudder damaged, spun down in flames over the target. 2.Lt's. James
F. Eckrich; William W Kuchinskas; 1.Lt Theodore A Bunn; T/Sgt Ralph M Wagner; Sgt's Alvin P Patterson; Peter R Olson (All POWs).

43-34430, 397BG, 599BS, "HUNCONSIDIOUS", Code 6B-B, Missions flown 4, MARC 11985
1.Lt. William P.Cook; F/O Arthur J Lefavre; Sgt Eric M Honeyman; S/Sgts Ward C Swalwell, Jr; Frank G Lane, Jr; Maurice J Fevold (All KIA).

43-34434, 397BG, 599BS, "DRAGGIN' LADY No 3", Code 6B-C, Missions flown 18, MARC 11490
6 Sep 44 to 23 Dec 44 shot down by enemy fighters, crashed near Demerath. Capt. Mont F.Stephenson;2.Lt John L Grapes;1.Lts Robert J Kinney; Elmer R Borden; Laverne F Grundman; S/Sgt Lynn E Rose,Jr; T/Sgt William E Bower; S/Sgt's Harry W Watson; James V Galati (All KIA)

43-34440, 391BG, 575BS, Code O8-Q, Missions flown 15, MARC 11486
13 Oct 44 to 23 Dec 44 right engine and wing set on fire and hydraulics shot out by fighters, bail out bell rung but did not work, copilot crawled through blazing bomb bay to warn crew in rear, then he and three other crew bailed out of rear, the selfless pilot crashing to his death 10 miles NW Bitburg, Germany. 2.Lt's.Donald N. Sharp; Raymond E Hedstrom; William D Hawkinson; Sgt's Edward H Von Castelberg; Glynn T Gilbert; Glenn E Doyal (Sharp, Hawkinson KIA).

44-67813, 322BG, 451BS, Code SS-P, Missions flown 2, MARC 12003
Survived 23 Dec 44 missions, shot up on 2nd missions 1 Jan 45; flak in left engine and wing, burst into flames, left wheel, then left engine, then left wing fell off, into a spin, crashed. 1.Lt.Paul F. Michael; 2.Lts Robert L Weir; Vance I McCormick; Sgts Albert J Hands; A W Harriman; James C Rattan, Jr. (Michael, POW; rest of crew KIA).

44-67826, 391BG, 574BS, Code 4L-U, Missions flown 1, MARC 11660
23 Dec 44 tail badly shot up by fighters, interphone out, both engines failed, pilot ,copilot and bomb bailed out, salvaged 27 Mar 45 1.Lt. Warren E.Grey; 2.Lt's Harry W Vaughn; Thomas D Crabb; T/Sgt's Edward S Smith; Daniel J Buckley; Ansel B Lay. (Grey, Vaughn, Crabb POWs; Smith, Lay, Buckley, KIA)

44-67881, 1.PFF, Code IH-W, Missions flown 1, MARC 14876/15984
23 Dec 44 shot down by fighters leading 397BG. 1.Lt.Walter P. Garbisch; 2.Lt Herman L Wolfe; 1.Lt John R Berens; 2.Lt David B Lantz; S/Sgt's Francis J Boyd; Joseph H Shearon; Roger J Roy (ALL KIA)
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