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Memorial to 1st Lt. Howard Hartley and Crew
Saint-Péravy la Colombe in France, June 2009
by Christian Dieppedalle ©

1st Lt. Howard R. Hartley, Pilot; 2nd Lt. William M. White, Co-Pilot; 2nd Lt. Charles F. Waddell, Bombardier;
S/Sgt. Lyman T. Cameron, Gunner; T/Sgt. Elmer J. Neis, Gunner; S/Sgt. James L. Picard, Gunner

Ceremonies in Saint-Péravy la Colombe (Colombe = Dove in English) were over 3 days.

Friday June 12, there was the inauguration of the Memorial. The blade of the propeller fixed on the stone cut like American star, is that of B-26 of the 1st Hartley. It had been found in a field. After the inauguration, there were a concert of music in the church of Saint-Péravy, then of course, champagne in the village hall where there was an exhibition.

Saturdays June 13, the guests went to visit the chateaux de la Loire and they were received by the Mayor of Orleans.

Sunday June 14, there was a mass in the church of Saint-Péravy, then a sheaf of flowers was deposited in front of the War memorial of Saint-Péravy. Then we went to the Memorial or a military aircraft (C-160 Transal) released parachutists, then we spent the afternoon in the village hall where there was a meal. There was a choral society who sang and much the veterans told their memories of the war.

A booklet of 60 pages devoted to the mission of June 14, 1944 was published in French and English. All the specimens of the booklet were distributed in a few hours and it does not remain about it any more.

The guests were: the family Hartley/Chapman: Beth Chapman (the sister of Howard Hartley), Dean, Brian and Craig Chapman and their wives and children. There was also M. Frank Centanino who was a mechanic chief in the 394th BG and which had been on the Bricy air base in September/October 1944. Frank had come with his wife and his daughter. Two English had come to represent the 394th Bomb Group Association; Tony Fewell and Bob Mynn.

The most important authorities of the area, were present, as well as the representative of Association France-USA, a Major of the Air Force, detached on Bricy air base (Bricy and Saint-Péravy are two village very close). The French Air Force was present and the inhabitants of the area had come many, approximately 500 people.

Christian Dieppedalle [Read Mr. Dieppedalle's original post regarding the return of Paul E. Rose's bracelet]

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