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Maisons-Laffitte railroad bridge bombardements 1944
By Claude Faix.

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A view of the city hall - On the far left some houses were destroyed.
Note how trees were stripped from the bomb blast.

The City Hall : On its left stood the buildings of the farm of the Vaudoire castle.
The left wing of the city hall used to house the archives. Administrative
buildings have been reconstructed here since.

The neighborhood between the two bridges
(for the road and railroad) after the May 1944 bombings.

This picture was in fact taken in 1941 after both bridges had been destroyed by the French in 1941

Here a view of the railroad bridge after the May 44 bombings. The bridge
was almost completely destroyed after June '44 bombings.

Here is the railroad bridge (in the back the road bridge) after the May 1944 bombings,
on the bridge you can see Germans and Russian prisoners working.

Corner of Alfred Foulon Avenue and Palis Street behind the city hall

17 rue Léon Fontaine (now and in 1944)

After the demolition of the railroad bridge: the river banks are destroyed.

The house of Lucien Astor, at the corner of Constituante and Jean Nicolle
streets – in the back you can see the railroad track

Rue de la Ferme (now Henri Dunant street) - the white house belongs to the Dereux family,
the picture was taken from the banks of the Seine.

The Liberation: the first Americans to arrive in Sartrouville on August 26th or 28th.

All pictures from Robert Grognet. Descriptions of pictures provided by Françoise Denais

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